Joey Coulon

Joey Coulon

Coach certifiée

Be listening

Active listening, The most beautiful of all qualities?

What if the active listening of all the employees of a company was the basis of communication?If it could avoid conflicts and perpetuate the good understanding between employees and the satisfaction of employees?

Active listening is to be present, silent, listen without trying to repair, to change the person or to “save” them.

Have the ability to allow another person to be exactly as it is and accept it without providing solutions or judgment try to change it, to manipulate it so that it corresponds to what you would like, withoutProject her own trauma on her, without trying to shake her, to make her react.

Really listen to the other! Try by yourself the next time a colleague is not good! Ask him what he would need now rather than providing ready -made solutions that are yours!

It will sometimes surprise you, but a simple coffee with a discussion, or just an attentive ear allows the other to live his emotion and feel better after the rest of his day.

Letting a person assert themselves is to allow them to breathe, to express, to cry, to question themselves, to be completely unique, to deploy in space, to discover their own truth.

To listen is to let the other assert oneself and take into account your needs to meet them as best as possible.

Also listen to you!Follow your feelings, listen to your body and heart as well as your emotions.

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