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Improve efficiency and well-being at work thanks to coaching!

Through its personalized approach, individual coaching acts as a performance and development stimulator for people, teams and organizations.

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People coached in 2023

Develop your team

Transform your business from the inside by restoring the power to act with each of its members, strengthen everyone's operability by betting on the collective.


Loyalty of employees, Cohesion, Communication, Conflict management, Intergenerational

Innovation & performance

Achievement of specific objectives, Creativity, Solutions, Time management, Effective meetings


Explore a complex situation, Overcome a challenge, A change, Disagreements, Conflicts, Decay.


Self-confidence, Stress management, Emotional management, Professional life/ personal life balance, Knowing how to manage your priorities

Develop your leadership

Leadership and self-assertion, Public speaking and Posture, Legitimacy, Transversal management

Go beyond your limits

Reduce your stress, Alleviate anxieties, Take a decisive step, Reach your goals, Undertake, Change your life, Transform your projects into action, Move forward in your career with confidence, Ambition and Determination.

Joey Coulon

How do I intervene ?

Individual or team coaching (max 8 people) are made remotely or face-to-face in business.

For the company, the ceo, managers and teams

Structure internal dynamics on models where everyone is winning

  • Build on his employer brand
  • Retain their employees
  • Develop managerial skills and leadership of its employees
  • Accelerate the strategic learning of its employees and help them meet their challenges
  • Optimize the performance and commitment of its teams
  • Improve the work organization
  • Solve a problem

Identify the levers together that will transform your teams.

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