Joey My Coach designs training programs, provides coaching sessions, and offers skills assessments.



The educational objectives of the training are defined in the training programs.

For coaching sessions, the process is completely tailored to the client and progresses step by step through the sessions. If the coaching contract is tripartite, the objectives are mutually agreed upon between the training applicant (ordering party and/or beneficiary) and the training organization, incorporating:

For skills assessments, the mandatory regulatory quality procedure will be followed. However, the exercises and exchanges will evolve according to the demand and the client’s progress.

These objectives imply no obligation of results for Joey My Coach, which undertakes to provide the client with all the necessary means for their achievement, such as conducting individual sessions, providing documentary materials, and the trainer’s qualification. The trainee is required to provide personal work to progress in implementing the actions that will enable them to realize their project.


The training programs range from 1 to 3 days in duration according to the programs.

Coaching sessions take place over 1 to 10 sessions spread over 1 to 6 months.

This duration is mutually agreed upon during the initial interview according to the project’s schedule and expectations and needs regarding the training.

Access Modalities and Timelines

Contact: For any inquiries, the client or the ordering party can contact Joey My Coach by email, contact form on the website, or by phone. During the initial contact, a “diagnostic” interview is conducted to identify the project’s stage, expectations, needs, and motivations. Following this interview, a proposed course including the terms will be communicated by email, including specific objectives, dates of realization, pedagogical means, and prices.

Registration: Upon receipt of payment or approval of sponsorship in the case of financing by a third party, a convocation is issued and sent by email to the trainee.

The following information will be provided in the convocation sent before the training: Start and end dates of the training, sending of organizational details (accessibility, dates and times, materials, etc.).

The minimum access period to the training is 15 days from the initial contact and subject to confirmation of registration as specified in the registration terms.

Prices and Payments

Invoicing is done according to the conditions and schedules defined in the agreements, contracts, validated quotes, or according to sponsorship agreements received from third parties.

Payment must be made by the Client no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of the invoice. Payment is accepted by check or bank transfer.

When the training is covered by a third party (OPCO, etc.), it is the responsibility of the client (company or participant) to:

If the sponsorship file from the third-party organization does not reach Joey My Coach before the first day of training, the training fees will be fully invoiced to the client. In the event that the third-party organization refuses to pay the total amount due to absences, dropouts, etc., the remaining balance not covered will be due by the client or the trainee.

Travel expenses (transportation, meals, and accommodation) are not included in the service fee: they will be included in the final invoice and calculated considering the “Joey My Coach” headquarters in Saint-Pierre-du-Bû - 14700 as the starting point. The reimbursement for mileage will be €0.661 / km (see Urssaf Scale). All prices mentioned above should be considered excluding VAT.


In the context of its training offer, all correspondence will be made via the following email address: [email protected] Postal address, legal information: 5 La Cavée 14700, Saint-Pierre-du-Bû France.

Evaluation Methods

Joey My Coach evaluates trainees based on the progress of their project. To do this, it uses questioning methods and materials that provide a self-assessment tool and allow to control the trainee’s acquisition of skills. Each course ends with the establishment of an action plan that measures the trainee’s progress in achieving their goal. Evaluation takes place before the training (starting level) and at the end (level of achievement).

Mobilized Methods

The pedagogical methods rely on active pedagogy with questioning, reformulation, re-memorization of knowledge, and application and situational exercises.

Accessibility for Disabled Persons

Joey My Coach is committed to making training, coaching, and skills assessment courses accessible to people with disabilities.

If you have a disability, please contact our disability coordinator Joey Coulon as soon as possible to assess your needs together and see what solutions are possible to support, train, or guide you.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Conditions

Cancellation – rescheduling by Joey My Coach.

In the event that the number of participants is deemed pedagogically insufficient, Joey My Coach reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the training 1 week before its start.

Cancellation – rescheduling by the trainee or the company

For companies

For any started training, 100% of the total cost of the training will be invoiced. The 100% will be distributed based on a pro rata temporis of the value provided in this contract for the part of the training completed and a penalty for the remaining amount to reach, cumulatively, 100% of the total cost of the training.

For individuals

In accordance with Article L. 6353-5 of the Labor Code, from the signing of the quote or the training contract, the trainee has a period of 10 days to withdraw. This period is extended to fourteen days when the contract is concluded remotely, following telephone solicitation or off-premises. The trainee informs Joey My Coach by registered letter. In this case, no amount can be demanded from the trainee. If the trainee starts the training before the end of this period, the trainee expressly waives their right of withdrawal.

After this period, or if the trainee has waived their right of withdrawal by starting the training before the end of this period,