From the first sessions.

Get dedicated follow up for your team.
I adapt to your challenges, and we progress
Together on concrete objectives.

Joey Coulon
Illustration Business coaching

Business coaching

I intervene within companies to Consolidate your teams, optimize everyone’s performance and commitment, Analyze and adjust the managerial approach.

Illustration Thematic training

Thematic training

I deliver targeted training in business, to develop a group in essential areas, let us unlock the potential of your team together.

Illustration Skills assessment

Skills assessment

Clarify your professional choices, trace ways. Build a project, position yourself well in relation to the evolution of a context, a company.


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What my clients are saying

My clients have understood the importance of the potential they have in them. I am the coach with whom you will tell and find the solutions to your professional issues.

I called on Joey for a special period in my life.I have Everything left to go and live abroad which … Read more
Loré | 29 ans | Human ressources | Australie
A huge thank you for the accompaniment of Joey.She is a coach at Listening, relevant and … Read more
Stéphanie | 51 ans
With our coaching I was able to rediscover myself.Thanks to Joey I was able to create myself The … Read more
Rita | 31 ans | Coach parental | Maroc
Joey is a very beautiful person.She uses a great method of emotional release that I recommend!She … Read more
Andrea | Therapist
Joey is very professional and attentive.I appreciated the methods used during the various … Read more
Clémentine | 22 ans | Entrepreneur
Joey accompanied me to release my negative emotions into 2 sessions. It has been fast, simple and … Read more
Marina | 40 ans | Life Coach
I had sessions with Joey while i was having trouble finding balance between my personal and … Read more
Dennisse | 31 ans | Directrice clientèle | Equateur
Delighted with Joey’s coaching! Thanks to her listening, her impactful questions and the … Read more
Stéphanie | 39 ans

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not hesitate to ask me more by email.

The coach is a guide, a talent transformer. It allows you to find your solutions and achieve your goals. He is an attentive ear that will bounce on what you say to bring out the best that is in you. The coach does not judge, has a duty of confidentiality. The coach does not advise you, he allows you to walk towards your solution.
Definition of the problem and the objective of sessions, introspection and understanding of the situation, definition of the desired and possible solutions, recognition of brakes, implementation of an action plan, monitoring of sessions.
The coached is the one who will find the solution. The use of tools is not compulsory, it is a means used on a case-by-case basis to feed the discussion or make people aware. The sessions under formulas can be accompanied by personal development tools, the questioning (open and non-directive) and the CLEEN which is a method of clearing negative emotional imprints.
Is there a price for a better life ? To allow you to reveal the best of yourself ? To excel in the areas that are important to you ?
Submitted to the ICF professional ethics code, coaching is strictly confidential and always carried out with benevolence. You are therefore free to express yourself without any judgment.
It depends on the target objective: 3 for a specific objective, 6 for a blockage and 10 sessions for a life change.
The compulsory prerequisite is the desire to change, to accept to take a risk, to explore new paths. Without wanting to change, there is no coaching.
The distancing sessions are animated via Google Meet. The sessions are just as effective, the customer must be fully concentrated, comfortably installed in a quiet place, far from his phone and disconnected from his mailbox.
Joey Coulon