Joey Coulon

Joey Coulon

Coach certifiée

Set measurable and achievable objectives

“If a goal is not set, then you can never reach it.”

Do you feel as a repetition of negative things in your life, as if you were attracting small problems or bad people?Do you have goals and dreams that never come true?

What if it was up to you?If I told you that deep down, you certainly attract part of your problems?Do you want to get rid of your pebbles in your shoe that has bothers you for years?

Know that the universe has created a law of attraction, and that we attract things and the people we think.If we are already convinced of the result and our mind is visualized with success, the path is already half traveled.This is why you have to set specific, measurable, achievable, achievable and time -based objectives.

There is no point in wanting everything suddenly, we would very quickly be demoralized.There is no point in saying: “I would like to change my work if possible.”That will never happen ! Your goal would rather be “I am hired as a salesperson before the end of the year”.This is a nice goal: it is positive, written in the present, measurable and concrete.

Tip: I write it basically on a post-it on my fridge, next to my computer, to the toilet … so that my brain can regularly remember my goal to be achieved.

Once the objective is set, there is only to develop an action plan, small steps in small steps to reach it, as well as to lift the brakes which are imposed on my way.

Also I am proud and I welcome myself at each stage made, because it brings me closer to my ultimate goal.

With this method, and thanks to coaching, you will reach great results, to those who have been in a corner of your head for so long and which you were resigned to reach.

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