Joey Coulon

Joey Coulon

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Take care of your employees!

People who work in a company are its most important resource.A healthy, productive and innovative staff, part of a well -trained and motivated workforce, allows the company to grow and prosper in an often competitive environment.

An important part of the productivity and the expertise of the staff is underused in the workplace due in particular to organizational problems, psychological distress and physical, psychological and social problems, which contribute to absenteeism.

It is recognized that the physical and psychological balance of the staff of a company influences its productivity at work.Thus, the implementation of an effective health and well-being approach promoting this balance may have a significant positive effect on the health of workers and that of the company.

Such an approach, when it is well structured, can make it possible to improve the climate and culture of the company, in particular through the satisfaction and experience of the personnel thus promoting their commitment to work and their retention as well as the recruitment of new employees. It can also contribute to reducing turnover, salary and collective insurance costs, AT/MP contributions costs, absenteeism and all direct and indirect costs associated with poor health.

The coaching of managers and employees as well as the various QVCT training courses that Joey My Coach offer his customers promote the adoption and maintenance of healthy lifestyles by staff members and the sustainable improvement in health and well-being people in the workplace.

To get there, a mobilization of companies and their staff is essential.Prevention is then priority and requires the implementation, promotion, maintenance and improvement of organizational practices that are favorable.

It is therefore important to integrate the value of the health of people in business management processes;to create or improve working conditions by listening to the needs of their employees in order to prevent disease -related diseases or damage.

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